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Poetry in Motion Pictures

Poetry in Motion Pictures

Containing 108 written pages and 8 full colour centre pages, Poetry In Motion Pictures costs £9.99. Please add £2:50 for post and packaging for one book and 50p extra for each additional book. Books will be delivered signed.

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By Kimberley Erin
Monday, 11 April 2011
Poetry in Motion Pictures
Saturday, April 9

I had the pleasure of meeting Author and Hollywood/East Riding Town Crier Michael Wood and was lucky to get a signed copy of his new book, "Poetry in Motion Pictures."

This is the book to get for getting hooked into poetry.

I enjoyed reading about Michael Wood's experiences in Hollywood and I like his knowledge about the Stars he mentions.

There are a few lines that I think says what the book is all about really well:

"Call it poetry in motion capture,
the height of how movies can enrapture,
and this technology discovery
meant the rest, as they say, was history."

Posted by Kimberley Erin at 22:26

HULL DAILY MAIL 9 April 2011 - Report by Vicki White
REEL THING: Michael Wood and his new book Poetry In Motion Pictures

He is known for shouting words in his role as the East Riding's official town crier. Now Michael Wood has turned to the written word - penning a two-part book about film.

The first part of the work, which is titled Poetry In Motion Pictures, is a 9,000-word poem offering an abridged history of American cinema. The second part is about cinema-going in Hull.

Mr Wood said: "For more than 14 years as a town crier, the words I have written have been shouted by me at the public. Now the public can read the latest words I have written, but in quiet."

Mr Wood said he had been working on the first part of his book for about ten years, while the part that features the city was formed from his childhood memories. He said: "Hull is where my love for movies was formed as kid. I hope to invoke memories of other movie-goers in Hull and beyond who remember the fabulous cinemas, sadly all gone."

The town crier will be making a contribution from every copy of the book sold towards fundraising efforts to save the facade of the former National Picture Theatre Beverley Road.

He said: "If my book has a lament at all, it is that we should do something to preserve the Hull National Picture Theatre or the Tower as an art-house venue, especially considering we once had more cinemas per capita than anywhere else in Britain."

Mr Wood, whose accolades include being named Britain's Loudest Town Crier and winning the World Town Crier Championships three times, said: "It's a self-published book and is suitable for all ages. It has been a learning curve creating it and marketing it, but also highly enjoyable. I am looking to write a trilogy of books, so hopefully this is just the start."

Mr Wood, who is the former town crier of Hollywood, said he would be letting the stars know about his work. He said: "I will send my book to some famous people, because you never know. Someone might ask me to perform my poetry at a private party in Beverley Hills. If you don't try you don't get - that's how I became a town crier in the first place."

Contact Michael on Mobile: 07770 372999; Email: iringmybell@yahoo.co.uk
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